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Former successful business & dating coach that pivoted to guide women to step into their feminine power. Helping women release their traumas, have their dream relationships, embody boundaries, reconnect to themselves, and step out of their hyper masculine shell & into their feminine era of power.

I am a feminine/masculine energy coach, breathwork facilitator, shadow work, attachment styles, manifestation/mindset expert, and a somatic/trauma release guide. 

I will show you what’s really holding you back, help you overcome it, so you can finally become the woman of your own f*ing dreams. 

This is my passion, purpose, and expertise. 

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Master Courses/Programs

Feminine FOundations Course

Feminine Foundations group master program is a dive into the heart of your TRUE self, exploring feminine and masculine energies, and connecting with likeminded women. This is the ultimate feminine embodiment program.

Feminine Dating Masterclass

Feminine Dating masterclass is designed to empower you as a feminine woman to navigate the modern dating world with ease, confidence, and effectiveness. You will learn about your patterns, attachment style, wounds, & how to attract the best relationship, all with your feminine energy.

Feminine ForceField Boundaries Masterclass

The “Feminine Forcefield” masterclass empowers you to master the art of setting and upholding personal boundaries, fostering self-trust and emotional balance for a more fulfilling life. This is the master course that will change the way you show up in the world.

Feminine Flow course

The “Feminine Flow Movements” 2-part series guides you through the exploration and mastery of your feminine energy, using movement as a powerful tool for somatic healing and emotional balance. This course will also show you how to release blocked energy that fosters anger, depression, and lack of expression. 


This includes ALL of Christina's main Jan/Feb: Courses that are starting LIVE in Jan at an exclusive rate.

Group Coaching

Experience the power of sisterhood and collective healing with Awaken T.E.F Group Coaching Program.

1:1 Transformation with Christina

The quickest and most effective way to pinpoint what's going on and have the most transformational experience.

Scheduled Consultation

Consultation intensive with Christina to discover which option is best for you based off your wants, needs, and healing journey.

What they're saying..


Bianca T.

1:1, Feminine foundations, & feminine dating

“After major ups and downs in my dating life, Christina helped me break so many cycles I didn’t even know I was in. She could see things I was doing to attract the same relationships over and over. After 6 months of working with her, I met my boyfriend and I am finally in a relationship with a man I didn’t even know existed, perfection. Every session with her felt like another WOW moment where I could see what was happening. Thank you Christina so much for teaching me about myself in ways I can’t imagine, I still listen to the love light meditation everyday!”


Jackie L.

Group & Feminine flow

“I really never realized how powerful group coaching could be until I joined TEF. It’s wild to share this journey with other women. I’ve never felt so supported, safe, and so myself. I faced my trauma head-on, and I’ve found a strength and peace in my body. I even met my best friend on the retreat! Christina truly knows her stuff.”


Maria W.

Feminine foundations & feminine flow

Just thank you Christina. Both feminine foundations & flow have totally reshaped the way I see myself. Your insights into my self-discovery and healing were just amazing. I’ve let go of soo much anger and now feel clear-headed and ready (ME! CLEAR HEADED!). It’s been an absolute game-changer for me. Taking part in feminine flow was such an releasing experience, & seeing other women that felt like me. It’s taught me to embrace all my emotions and feel love. Your guidance on living like me, authentically has been invaluable. I feel like I’m finally safe and in tune with my true self. I finally feel like a beautiful woman!!!”

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